John Hancock Born January 23, 1737-October 8 1789 and grew to be an american icon. He started off as a Boston buisness man inheriting a booming trading buisness. He was known for his life of luxuary and living well, he was often critziesed for this life of luxury. He had gained much of his knowledge from Harvard College from which he graduated in 1754 and went on to work in the family trading business, becoming the head of it when his uncle Thomas died in 1764.With his start in politics coming in local level Boston city council. He then moved on to the colonial legislature where tension was rising with the British. As taxes increased and new taxes were colonist became increasingly upset with the state of the colonies. John in an attempt to avoid payingthe british taxes turned to smuggling even having one of his ships the Liberty siesed by british authorities. The next few had some improvement to relations between the colonies and the british until the 1773 tea act. it was at this time that the britishclassified him and several other colonial leaders such as Sam Adams as possible revolutionaries. In 1774 John once again rose to political prominance with his working in the second contiental congress as a repersentitive of Massachesets. As tensions rose the british general Thomas Gage was after him but he managed to escape capture in Lexington when he was warned by the famous Paul Revere. In 1775 John was elected as president of Congress although he raised funds for the war effort he did little real work in this position. On the fourth of july 1776 John Hancock became the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence cementing himself in history as a man who pushed for freedom and was not only willing to stand up to England but he was looking forward to it. In 1777 his life in politics would once again change as he resigned as the president of the continental congress, he stayed a member however. His political career would revamp in 1780 with his election as governor he lead the colony until 1785 when he resigned for health reasons, although he went on to be reelected in 1787. He died October 8th, 1793 while serving as governor.

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